How to Make Your Property Stand Out in Geelong’s Competitive Market

Entering the property market is exhausting, taxing and often overwhelming. It becomes especially overwhelming if the property you have listed and are trying to sell or rent won’t budge in the market.

Being a successful real estate agent in Geelong is competitive. As a result, choosing the right Geelong real estate agent for you and your property can be very daunting. Renting or selling your home requires a lot of emotional investment from your real estate agent, and from yourself.

Ensuring you will successfully rent your property goes beyond posting a listing and having a ‘for lease’ sign on your front gate. To ensure your property is properly positioned to move as quickly as possible, there are a few steps you and your Geelong real estate agent should take.

Use Clever, Standout Photography

It’s one thing to provide a photo of a walk-in wardrobe and a completely different thing to provide a photo that captures the size, luxuriousness and impeccable lighting of the walk-in wardrobe. Simple photos of hallways, kitchen sinks and showers won’t make anyone jump out of their seat at the prospect of living in a home.

The ten or so photos you include in the advertisement for your property should highlight the best features of your home. If your living room has floor to ceiling windows that overlook your garden, there should be a hero image showcasing it.

In addition to photos of your home, you should always include a floor plan. This helps possible buyers and renters envision how to properly set up their life in your home.

Invest in Good Copywriting

While photos are of high importance, inhabiting a home takes more than just showing photos of the handcrafted nice windowsills and leafy garden. To sell someone on a home is to try to sell someone their dream place. To do this, your house listing should be presented like a book; clever, descriptive and emotive words that compliment and highlight what is shown in the photos.

Well written copy is an imperative tool needed to paint the life that living in your house could offer. Real Estate copywriting shouldn’t simply say, ‘this house is nice and has a nice garden’. Instead, that copy could write, ‘Nurtured roses and well-kept grass adorn an inviting path towards the art deco front door of this inviting, delightful family home’.

Stage your listing

If you want to make your property stand out, you could consider staging your listing. By staging your listing your home can reach its aesthetic potential and attract more buyers and renters. Staged furniture allows you to maximise the potential of the space in your home and because the home can be styled as can also increase the perceived value of the property.

According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes are off the market 87% faster than those that are empty or have personal furniture in them. Your Geelong real estate agent can help you find a local property interior designer within your budget.

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