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Living in a rental property can often make tenants feel like they are in limbo, pensively waiting for the next move in someone else’s home. That is why it is very important to encourage your tenants to feel at home in your rentals in Geelong.

Living in a home, even if it is a temporary real estate rental, should be comfortable, inviting and above all else, homely.

After all, the more welcomed your tenants feel the more likely they are to occupy the rentals longer and treat the space with the respect and care they would their own property.

When moving new tenants into their rental Geelong home, encourage them to add personal touches around the house. If it is a share accommodation then encourage them to fully unpack their boxes, decorate their rooms and treat the space as if it were their life long room. If your real estate rentals are not share accommodation and families are inhabiting the homes, let them know that art and decorations are welcomed as long as they don’t do permanent damage to the walls and floors.

By allowing your tenants to express themselves in their rentals and share accommodation you are encouraging them to view the house as a home, and as more of a permanent place of residency rather than just a real estate rental place.  

To add personality to the house as a rentals Geelong real estate agent you can offer a welcoming gift or sentiment. Something like a house plant or a fruit tree can be a warm and thoughtful sentiment to your new tenants. Not only does a plant act as a calming, air purifying ‘pet’, but It also inspires responsibility and therefore solidifies to tenants that this is their home that they need to care for. Before buying a plant or tree, ask your tenants if they have any allergies.

Another personal touch that you can provide as a real estate rentals agent is big throw rugs for winter that suit the inside of the home and also creates a warm, homely welcoming environment.  Perhaps for share accommodation tenants, a welcome hamper with study notebooks (one for each student) and a warm blanket can be given which will demonstrate the support and care you have for them living in a harmonious home environment.

A unique way to engage your tenants in share accommodations in Geelong and especially student accommodation is to host small meetups or gatherings. By hosting a gathering between rental occupants you encourage your tenants to meet and share thoughts and ideas whilst simultaneously giving them a chance to get to know you better and are therefore likely to stay longer in your rentals Geelong.

For long term tenants, include them in the discussions about updates and development projects that might be needed to be done on the property. This way they will feel very valued and are likely to continuously renew their lease if they feel they have a say in how the house is maintained even if you don’t involve them in the final decision making.

Property management services extend far beyond the management of your property. If you’re looking to go that extra mile for your tenants, for support on managing your properties and help to keep your properties full with happy tenants contact us at Fresh Property Management today.

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