Four Benefits to Downsizing your Rental Property in Geelong

If you have ever found the property market too difficult to navigate because you can’t seem to find your ideal home in the ideal location, it may be time to re-adjust your expectations. 

While moving to a smaller home is often seen as ‘downgrading’, here are four of the many positives that come with downsizing to a smaller rental property in Geelong

Your savings will thank you 

Possibly the biggest upside to downsizing into a smaller rental property in Geelong is that your rent will almost definitely cost less and thus your savings account can be nurtured more. Speak to your property manager about your long term financial goals so that you can discuss together which rental property and location will benefit you holistically. 

Even if the weekly rent savings are only $20 and that may seem small or pointless, by the end of a full year you will have saved $960. That is almost $1000 extra a year that you can put towards saving for a deposit, going on a holiday or eating out with your friends. 

Your property managers job is to find you a rental in Geelong that is not only convenient for you in relation to where you work or study, but that will also be financially savvy for you in the long run. 

You will have less ‘home’ to upkeep 

Moving into a Geelong rental property that is smaller than what you are used to will alleviate the amount of upkeep that you will have to do around the house. That means less time mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming your room because all of these spaces are smaller. 

Naturally, when you downsize, the management of your property becomes significantly easier. If your garden is small, you will have less to tend to, if your kitchen is small, you will have less space to get messy. Downsizing doesn’t need to mean downgrading, it is merely a lifestyle change for easy property management.

Your monthly bills will cost less 

For anyone living in Geelong rentals, saving on monthly bills is a big win-win situation. Downsizing to a smaller rental property means your monthly bills will downsize too. While utility bills such as water and wifi will more or less stay the same, energy bills will most likely decrease. 

In winter you will have less space that needs heating up, and in summer you won’t need the aircon blasting for as long. Living in a Geelong rental property makes you apart of the Geelong community, thus you should be looking for ways to do your bit for the city.  Less running costs such as these mean that you are also having a smaller impact on the environment. 

A smaller rental may mean a better location 

If your budget had previously kept you from living in your dream area because all of the houses you were hoping to live in were too expensive, it’s time to re-evaluate. Sit down with your property manager to explore the possibility of living in your dream Geelong suburb at lower rental rates. 

Your property manager will do so much more for your rental journey than just oversee the management of your property once you are renting. Reach out to Fresh Property Management to find your dream rental property in Geelong. Contact us today or complete a  Rental Appraisal Form.  

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