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The mark of good property management is understanding when your rental property is not running as efficiently as it should be. Across the world, the push to be environmentally conscious is growing. With the push towards reducing carbon footprints,  both potential renters, landlords and property managers are looking for proactive, environmentally aware partners.

Whether you are an investor or a tenant of a rental property you can benefit significantly from initiating eco-friendly renovations, encouraging environmentally conscious attitudes and installing green appliances throughout your home. Not only will you be making an essential difference in the Geelong community by reducing your carbon footprint, but your relationship with your property manager will also strengthen.

Once you have begun to employ green initiatives in your properties or rentals, you will start to notice the cost of living decreases by hundreds if not thousands. As a tenant, your bills will be significantly reduced, and as an investor, the cost of running the property will be much more comfortable on the pockets.

There are several ways to ensure your rentals are all as environmentally friendly as possible. Here are some easy strategies that you can implement through your home as a renter and investor.

Small ways to monitor your water usage

Geelong may no longer be in a drought, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t continue to keep a close eye on our water usage. Like energy, careless water usage leaves a damaging carbon footprint and costs an excessive amount of money. There are many simple changes you can make that can cut your water usage.

One of the more savvy ways to combat excessive water usage is to install a water saving shower head. Renters, request one from your landlords and landlords be mindful of the equipment you install.

Additionally, merely turning the tap off when it is running unnecessarily, like during teeth brushing or when washing dishes will make a significant improvement on your energy bills.

Quick ways to reduce your energy usage

If you aren’t using it, unplug I and turn off the switch. By leaving equipment plugged in, you are allowing energy to generate without using it. Not only does this burn your money into thin air it also increases your carbon footprint for no reason.

Talk to your Geelong property manager about installing smart meters. You use smart meters to time when your appliances receive energy and can be turned on. A smart meter should also be used to monitor when your heating and cooling systems run.

If you haven’t already, perform a quick audit on your light bulbs and switch to energy-saving light bulbs. While they use less energy than regular bulbs, energy-saving light bulbs can also cut your energy bills in half.

To demonstrate excellent property management and to work towards a better community, consider installing solar panels in all of your rentals in Geelong. Discuss the best steps to take to install solar panels with your property manager.

Small steps to take around the house

  • Begin composting.
  • Ensure you are recycling correctly.
  • Grow plants indoors.
  • Buy rugs for insulation.
  • Use natural cleaning products over harmful chemicals.

There are several quick steps you can take starting now that will ensure your property management is on par with environmentally conscious guidelines. You can also always work with your property manager to perform an audit on your rentals in Geelong. That way you can come up with strategies to keep your carbon footprint low and your bills even lower.

To discuss making environmentally conscious decisions for your rentals in Geelong, or to get in contact with your landlord about the house you are living in, or for any property management enquiries contact Fresh Property Management today.

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