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How to Make Your Property Stand Out in Geelong’s Competitive Market

Entering the property market is exhausting, taxing and often overwhelming. It becomes especially overwhelming if the property you have listed and are trying to sell or rent won’t budge in the market. Being a successful real estate agent in Geelong is competitive. As a result, choosing the right Geelong real estate agent for you and your property can be very daunting. Renting or selling your home...

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Trust in Geelong’s very own Homegrown Real Estate Agents

Real estate agency chains and budding real estate agents are popping up everywhere in Geelong. Boasting big smiles and even bigger promises every agent seems to have your best interest at heart. While we all would like to believe that you can trust those who you hire to work for you, we have seen time and time again just how empty some promises can be. The Fresh Property Management team are not...

Geelong Real Estate Agents

Five Inspection Tips for Renters from Geelong Real Estate Agents

Spring has well and truly sprung which means, if you’re in the market to buy or rent a new property in Geelong, you’ve got an exciting couple of months ahead of you! And with the Geelong real estate agents and property management help, your new Geelong home will be perfect. Do your research Before heading to the inspection or meeting with the  Geelong real estate agents, do your research about the...

Geelong Real Estate Agents

Proposed Changes to the Victorian Tenancy Act may affect Geelong Rentals

As your Geelong real estate agents we like to keep across real estate news, and this week you may have seen that the Andrews Government announced they are proposing 130 amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act. The proposals will be put through the Victorian government this week and may affect owners of Geelong rentals. The proposed changes are of concern to Geelong real estate agents, the property...

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