Five Inspection Tips for Renters from Geelong Real Estate Agents

Geelong Real Estate Agents

Spring has well and truly sprung which means, if you’re in the market to buy or rent a new property in Geelong, you’ve got an exciting couple of months ahead of you! And with the Geelong real estate agents and property management help, your new Geelong home will be perfect.

Do your research

Before heading to the inspection or meeting with the  Geelong real estate agents, do your research about the suburb and where the property is located. Have a walk around the suburb, see how close it is to public transport, schools or any other necessities for you. At Fresh Property Management, we are Geelong property experts and can always help you better understand the area.

Check the plumbing with property management

Don’t be afraid to turn on the taps, flush toilets, and check the hot water is working. It’s also not a bad idea to ask your property management expert to see the hot water system, then you can find out how old it is and the real estate agent should know when it was last serviced. All this information can help you find out how much and what will need attention when you move in.

Be wary of cracks, and ask the property manager

All real estate agents in Geelong know that every house has a few cracks, and the reasons for these cracks can range from minor issues to severe problems. Subsidence is when the ground beneath the property experiences excessive movement which can cause structural damage. So keep an eye out for cracks and ask your Geelong property manager if they’ve been investigated, in most cases the buildings up for rent are safe but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Check windows and keys with your real estate agent

When inspecting a house ask the real estate agent or property manager if you can open the windows, you should actually be able to open them, so make sure they’re not painted shut, they seal properly and there is no rot. Also ask the real estate agent if they have the keys to the window locks (as they sometimes go missing), if not property management should be able to provide new ones.

Look past the current tenants

Lastly, sometimes real estate agents and property managers in Geelong show houses to rent when the tenants are still renting the property. This means their furniture and belongings will be throughout the house, so make sure you can see past this furniture to imagine how you’d like to decorate the place, so you can really make it your own.

If you’re looking for a new property to rent in Geelong this spring, make sure you contact us here at Fresh Property Management.

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