Why you Should Invest in a Property Manager for your Rentals in Geelong

Perhaps you just bought a new house, or you are finally able to take the step towards renting the property you have been developing and renovating. Congratulations! This is a very exciting time for you.

With a lot of prospective revenue to be made it is important that you do not risk making silly mistakes that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars when dipping your toes into the world of property management and ownership.

If you are interested in renting your properties hassle free there are hundreds of reasons to hire a property manager for your Geelong rentals. Here are five of them.

  1. Investing in property management means your rentals will not only be filled fast but with the right people. Owning a property is a large responsibility and with that responsibility comes the need to make big decisions in order to capitalise on your investment. The temptation to fill your property fast will be big, however, that doesn’t mean your niece and her boyfriend of 3 months are the best options for new tenants just because they want to move in tomorrow. Having a property manager in Geelong means you will find serious, respectful tenants for your property who absolutely will be able to pay the rentals’ bills every month.
  2. Your property management team in Geelong can make sure your rent is paid in full and on time every single time. That means any excuses, hassles and delays will all be dealt with by your property manager, and all you’ll have to do is receive the payments. Your property manager is specially trained to work with securing payments, however difficult the tenants may be.
  3. With a property manager,  you will be paid your properties worth. By conducting extensive research on what other landlords are charging for similar properties and evaluating the accurate worth of your rental, your property manager will ensure that the price you set for your rentals will ensure you receive the profitable return on investment that you should.
  4. You can be confident that your property is being treated with respect because your property manager will maintain a relationship with your tenants and perform regular checkups on your home. Any problems that may arise with the tenants will fall on the shoulder of your property manager. With existing relationships with maintenance workers, professional tradesmen and general vendors your property manager will be sure to keep your property in the best condition for the best price.
  5. Employing a property management team for your rentals in Geelong means you can rest assured that your in compliance with housing regulations and property laws. With local, state and federal regulations to abide by it is handy to have a property manager to ensure you are kept up-to-date and out of trouble.

If you are hoping to join the growing list of Geelong rentals that are successfully managed by a caring, competent property management team contact us today.

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