How a Property Manager Can Help Attract Good Rental Tenants.

So you have an investment property and that is step one done and dusted. You have taken the time to make this property into a home and you have paid for your property to be listed on all of the right sites and in all of the big magazines and papers.

Now what? 

Getting quality tenants in your rental property is a lot harder than just posting an ad where all of the other houses for rent in Geelong are advertised. 

Hiring a property manager can make finding a good rental tenant easy. You don’t want just anyone renting in your property. Those living in your house for rent need to be respectful, clean and most importantly be able to pay the bills on time. 

At Fresh Property Management we can equip your house for rent with clear information highlighting the homes best features, help you present a well maintained, attractive property and give you the necessary advice and guidance on choosing tenants. 

Property managers do so much more than just oversee your properties once they are inhabited. Here is a list of ways that your property manager can help you attract good rental tenants in Geelong. 

Outline Tenant Criteria

You should have a narrowed down tenant criteria the same way you would have a list of ‘must haves’ when looking for a house. With your property manager, establish a clear understanding of your stance on smoking, pets and minimum income before you start your renter hunt. This will help you write your copy and narrow down your tenant search. 

Professional Photography 

If you want your rental property to stand out from the other houses up for rent in Geelong you need professional real estate photography. Renters are more likely to stop and read about your rental property if the images catch their attention. The more images, the more likely prospective tenants will stop and look at your listing. Your property manager can help organise and direct these photos to maximise exposure.

Regular Maintenance 

Both preemptive and regular maintenance on the house for rent will attract and keep quality tenants. A large part of your property managers job is to inspect your homes and ensure they are being maintained properly. 

The Properties Contact 

Once your property has been listed in all the right places with photos and copy that will encourage people to pick up the phone and book inspections. Your property manager will be their first and only point of contact for enquiries and inspections.

Tenant Screening

With an influx of applications comes the need to actually choose the best tenant for your house. Thorough, professional, tenant screenings will see the best possible tenant in your rental. An infective screening process and a miss-matched tenant will put your house back on the market which is why you should leave the screening up to your property manager.

Hiring a Fresh Property Management property manager will see your Geelong rentals in the best possible hands all year round. Take the guesswork out of tenant matching and contact us today or complete a  Rental Appraisal Form.  


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