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Three Things a Good Property Manager in Geelong Should Have.

Three Things a Good Property Manager in Geelong Should Have.

It takes years of planning, saving and hunting before we can call ourselves homeowners. It takes even more commitment and strategy to become a rentals property owner. Owning and managing multiple properties requires skill and experience.

So why risk mismanaging your assets when you can hire someone to do it for you? A property manager is your properties best friend. Finding the right property manager in Geelong, however, can be exhausting and sometimes difficult.

At Fresh Start Property Management we understand that finding the right rentals Geelong property manager is as important as choosing your first home. We’ve compiled a list of things your prospective rentals Geelong management team should have so that you can be confident you hired the right property manager.

A Good First Impression

Forget your prospective property managers industry experience for a moment and ask yourself, were they nice? Were they personable, conversational and approachable?

People get interviews based on their experience, but get jobs based on the way they present themselves and connect with the interviewer. Hiring a property manager for your rentals in Geelong is no different. Lots of people can be good at managing properties, but that doesn’t mean they will represent you well.

Your tenants are more likely to be open and respectful if they like the person they are dealing with. When hiring a property manager or management team, you are hiring someone to represent you to all of your tenants. Therefore it is important that you like your property manager and are comfortable to have them be the forward facing person to those paying you rent.

Shows Initiative to Build Relationships

So, it’s been a week, a fortnight or a month since you hired your new property manager and you haven’t heard much from them so it must be going well, right?

Well not quite. Hiring someone for property management is not hiring someone to make sure your properties don’t grow legs. Your property manager is meant to build relationships with your rental’s tenants, get to know them by becoming an approachable first point of contact for any concerns or questions they might have.

A good property manager will make the effort to introduce themselves to your tenants via email or phone call, and then eventually in person. They should supply their contact details and contactable hours and perform inspections in accordance with the new management expectations.

Before you hire someone to manage your rental properties enquire about their methods of forming relationships with your clients and make sure it aligns with your expectations.

An Organised Approach

Don’t be afraid to ask your property manager to show you how they manage your property listings. Being your own rentals property manager is difficult enough, so just imagine how tricky the juggling act between many properties can get. It’s important to hire a property manager who has a comprehensive system in place to keep track of their listings.

Properly storing property information, owner and tenant information, rent and invoices, inspection due dates, rent and activity history and all other relevant documents requires organisation, competence and commitment.

Never forget you aren’t married to your property manager, and if your Geelong rentals aren’t being cared for the way you want, it’s time to make a move. Don’t settle for poor management.

At Fresh Start Property Management, we take the time to connect with our tenants and landlords and we will manage your properties like they are our own. Contact us today or complete a  Rental Appraisal Form.  


Braeden Tournier

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