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You are not bound to your property manager.

You are not bound to your property manager.

Property managers can sometimes make you feel…married to the agency.

The truth is, you are free…

You are free if your property manager forgot to mention it, if you signed contract-like stuff, and yes, even if your property is tenanted, you are free to change agents during a tenancy!

Victoria, managing authorities only hold the property owner until the investment is leased….

So unless they slipped you a promise ring and you said yes, you are free to stray into any agency that tickles your fancy.

Making the transition to another agency is actually super quick and easy

Transitioning is simple, often a very intelligent investment decision AND almost seamless for you and your tenants!

You don’t even have to contact your existing property managers to leave!

Another perk of parting ways is that you don’t even have to make that uncomfortable ‘break up’ phone call to your property manager – the new managing agency handles everything, including all contact with the existing managers and tenants

How can you guarantee your next property manager will be a good one?

For starters, good isn’t good enough – your property manager needs to be GREAT, efficient, highly organised, excellent at returning calls and even better at taking care of the investment you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on.

  • Choose an agency that your mates recommend.
  • Choose an agency that is flexible enough to meet your needs.
  • Choose an agency that isn’t overworking property managers – more properties in a portfolio is not synonymous with better service.
  • Choose an agency that is offering a great deal.

What now? Start investigating other agencies today!

If you’re not tied to your average-performing managing agents – it might be time for an amicable breakup, don’t you think?

Find out about Fresh Property’s instant saver offer – no management fees for the first two months!


Braeden Tournier

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