Rentals Geelong

Rentals Geelong

Make Your Tenants Feel at Home in Geelong

Living in a rental property can often make tenants feel like they are in limbo, pensively waiting for the next move in someone else's home. That is why it is very important to encourage your tenants to feel at home in your rentals in Geelong. Living in a home, even if it is a temporary real estate rental, should be comfortable, inviting and above all else, homely. After all, the more...

Rentals Geelong

Go Green in your Geelong Rental Properties

The mark of good property management is understanding when your rental property is not running as efficiently as it should be. Across the world, the push to be environmentally conscious is growing. With the push towards reducing carbon footprints,  both potential renters, landlords and property managers are looking for proactive, environmentally aware partners. Whether you are an investor or a...

Real Estate Agents

Trust in Geelong’s very own Homegrown Real Estate Agents

Real estate agency chains and budding real estate agents are popping up everywhere in Geelong. Boasting big smiles and even bigger promises every agent seems to have your best interest at heart. While we all would like to believe that you can trust those who you hire to work for you, we have seen time and time again just how empty some promises can be. The Fresh Property Management team are not...

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