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Property Management and Houses for Rent in Geelong

We guarantee that we are the right property manager for your Geelong rental. From setting the right rental rate and collecting the rent, managing the tenants to making sure you are on the right side of the law and all the other stressful tasks that come with putting your house up for rent.

Fresh Property Management Group’s are highly experienced managers with more than ten years experience in Geelong property management, both in regular rentals and student accommodation.

Our aim is to take all of the stress away from being both a landlord and a tenant, ensuring that everything is taken care of. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, meaning we are the go-to property managers in Geelong. We work with students and real estate agents bringing our knowledge of Geelong and industry experience together.

We love helping the people of Geelong, and this translates into the work that our team does every day. Our property managers work side by side with landlords to ensure that the rentals of Geelong are well maintained, and everything is taken care of in a friendly and professional way. Fresh Property Management Group is the go-to for rentals and property management in the Geelong region.

Student and Share Accommodation Geelong

We are the place to be for student housing and student share accommodation in Geelong. From as little as $160 a week, we can match you with other like-minded students while you work or study. As the rental market gets harder and harder to enter, we are on your side helping you to find the perfect accommodation that suits you.

At Fresh Property Management, we aren’t just about increasing rent and profits— we really care about finding the fairest deal and the right share accommodation or student housing in Geelong for both you and your landlord.

We’re a local business run by local people and we want to provide students and other tenants with fuss-free, dependable and customer focussed property managers. We have a ton of modern and user-friendly services like payment options, online approval and communication.

We don’t just accommodate students— our property managers want to manage all. From families to a group of friends or a working couple, we are the agency for you.

Our team is always on the lookout for fresh, new properties and always striving to find the best arrangement for everyone involved. We’re friendly, approachable and always willing to help.