How To Spot Good Real Estate Agents in Geelong

Real Estate Agents In Geelong

With a competitive housing market in Melbourne and Geelong, it can be tough to know which Real Estate Agents In Geelong to trust when looking for your next rentals. But luckily, there are some telltale signs that you should be aware of that will help guide you to choose helpful and professional real estate agents in Geelong.

Firstly, you should be able to have regular, open and honest communication with your Geelong real estate agent. Your real estate agent should always endeavour to answer calls, and whilst you shouldn’t expect your agent to be on call 24/7, your Geelong real estate agents should respond to voicemails or texts about your rental in a timely, friendly and honest fashion.

Your Geelong real estate agent should also have a thorough and deep understanding of the Geelong rentals market. By enlisting the help of real estate agents in Geelong at Fresh Property you have the benefit of a professional with experience, local knowledge and an understanding of your budget. At Fresh Property, we bring together 25 years of experience in Geelong rentals and property management, for both regular rentals and student share accommodation. Not only does this mean we know the Geelong rentals market and its regulations, but it also means that we can give you crash courses in the Geelong area – if you’re interested in the closest grocery stores or the dynamic of the area, we can help. We are your one stop shop for real estate agents in Geelong.

The best real estate agents in Geelong are proactive, they should work hard to keep potential Geelong rental clients informed, if you have to keep calling and asking for more information or a hard copy of documents, you are not being given enough information. Equally, a good agent in the Geelong rentals market will listen, if you can’t get a word in – you’ve got a problem. As a renter, you should be able to voice problems with the property, concerns or questions.

Finally, if your Geelong real estate agent is truly a great agent for rentals in Geelong, you should be able to ask for testimonials or statements from a number of their past clients. And they should confidently be able to give them to you so that you can know you can trust your real estate agent in Geelong.

There are plenty of websites that will refer agents to you, but you can never be too sure of their quality. Often, the agents they refer are just those who’ve paid to be on the real estate site’s directory. The best bet is to research the top real estate companies in Geelong, go into their offices to chat about the needs of your Geelong rentals and gauge them that way. At Fresh Property Management, we are Geelong owned and operated and our agents are happy to chat about your Geelong real estate needs.

The best agent for you is an experienced professional who will listen, conduct themselves ethically, and knows the Geelong rentals market – so why not contact us today.

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