What to do if you are unhappy with your share accommodation in Geelong.

Moving out of the comfort of your family home and into student share accommodation is a big change. It might have been a relief to move away from your annoying siblings or controlling parents, or you could miss them terribly and crave the familiarity of living with family. 

Even if it takes some getting used to, living with someone your own age with similar interests in share accommodation can be a lot of fun and an opportunity to grow as an individual. You may become best friends with your roommates or you might just prefer to keep to yourself and enjoy the freedom of independent living. 

Your property manager places you in share accommodation with other students who they think you will get along with best. Through interviews and relationship building your share accommodation placement is always done with your property managers most careful consideration. 

Sometimes your placement doesn’t work out. Perhaps you don’t love your house, or the neighbourhood isn’t what you are used to or perhaps, worst of all, you don’t get along with your housemate. 

There are many ways to deal with the things that make you unhappy in your share accommodation. We have compiled a list of common share problems and solutions so that you don’t feel like you are trapped in a less than ideal situation. 

You don’t like your neighbourhood

If you are a student moving out of home and into student housing in Geelong it usually means that you are moving far away from the familiar streets you are used to. 

Every Geelong neighbourhood has something to offer, and sometimes you just need to search to find your hidden gems. Get to know your neighbours by asking them where they love to eat and hang out. You will start to feel like a local in no time!  

You don’t like your bedroom 

Your new bedroom won’t feel like your bedroom straight away and it can be difficult to get settled and used to all of the creeks of this unfamiliar space.  Buying a throw rug and some new sheets is a simple way to make your bedroom look more inviting. 

Put up some posters of your favourite bands or add fair lights across the wall to give your share accommodation bedroom a more personalised, homely feel to it. Remember this is your bedroom so you can decorate it however you like as long as you don’t damage the floor and walls. 

You don’t like your housemates

Not getting along with your housemates can be a big issue and really dampen your student share accommodation experience. If you are finding it difficult to live with someone always address the problem by being honest, encouraging open communication at all times. 

If you have done everything you can to try and get along with your housemate and you can’t find common ground, it might be time to speak to your property manager. You should be happy at home and if your living situations aren’t cutting it then you have every right to discuss making a change. 

At Fresh Property Management we do more than just manage your properties. We connect with our landlords and tenants to ensure that living situations are ideal for everyone. 

If you want a personalised approach to your property management and rentals in Geelong Contact us today or complete a  Rental Appraisal Form.  

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