From the Family Home to Student Housing – How to Transition into Share Accommodation in Geelong.

A smooth transition from living at home to living into real estate rentals, share or student accommodation requires patience, understanding and a whole lot of communication between you and your new housemates. 

Unlike the no-pressure comfort of living at home with your family, you will have to familiarise yourself with different ways of co-existing with different types of people, which usually means compromising on things you have never thought to change before. 

To help ease the transition from family to real estate rental student housing life, here are three big components of living out of home that you will need to master.

Cleaning, Cooking, Washing

As you transition into young adulthood when living in your family home it is expected that you partake in the chores on a daily basis. While this is a good introduction to living out of home, the level of cleaning involved in share accommodation often comes as a shock to those who have never lived out of home. 

In order to maintain a harmonious living situation in shared student housing, it is important that you and your housemates have a unified understanding of who is responsible for which chores. As a general rule, you should always take responsibility for your washing, dishes and personal space like your bedroom. For shared areas like the bathroom and kitchen initiate a cleaning roster so that everyone is accountable to do their part. 

As soon as you move into your share accommodation, determine if meals and shopping will be shared or done individually. If meals are shared ensure there is a fair and convenient method for splitting the bill and the cooking responsibilities.

Share Accommodation Social Etiquette

When living in student housing or share accommodation it is natural to feel a sense of freedom that you hadn’t previously experienced in your family home. Living in student accommodation means that you are living with potential friends who are your own age which is exciting and opens a world of social opportunities. 

However, it is important to remember that while share accommodation has the opportunity to be fun and social, your housemates may have different expectations. While your property manager will do their best to match you with housemates who have similar values and expectations as you it is still important to establish what is and isn’t acceptable with your housemates. 

The best way to avoid any issues is to always ask all of your housemates before inviting people over. Regardless of their response, it is best to stick the more respectful or conservative side of things when it comes to inviting guests over. School and work nights should generally be kept to a relatively quiet, low traffic level as not to disrupt sleeping patterns or study time. 

Alternatively, if you are having issues with your housemates in your share accommodation being too loud or disruptive it is best to call a house meeting to discuss boundaries and personal requirements within the house so that you can come to a compromise.

Respecting Shared Space

To encourage harmonious living in shared student accommodation you must respect shared areas of the home. This means keep your shoes, jackets, bags and homework in your room or in designated areas of the house and not just lying around for others to put away or be bothered by. This includes playing music in your room and not for the house to hear unless this is something you are all ok with. 

Treat shared spaces the way you would like to see them- clean, uncluttered and available to be enjoyed and relaxed in. 

Remember Your Property Manager is Your Friend

Your Fresh Property Management property manager is there to support you through your fresh student and share accommodation move. Your property manager won’t just dump you in your home and wish you luck. They are an extension of your moving journey and are available for support at any stage. 

For all of your Geelong real estate rentals, share and student rental accommodation needs contact Fresh Property Management today.

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