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How to be your property manager’s first choice for rentals in Geelong

How to be your property manager’s first choice for rentals in Geelong

Taking the first step towards applying for a rental property can be overwhelming as a first-time student renter. The rental market has become increasingly competitive with tight vacancy rates and rents rising in big cities like Geelong.  

Students can often feel left behind in the rental race because they are new to the system and that can be intimidating. At Fresh Property Management we want to make sure that our prospective tenants feel confident and ready to apply for rental properties so here are some tips on how to get into a rental. 

Be well presented and on time for open home inspections

It is easy to think that a home inspection is a great opportunity to see the house you are interested and that is it. What many people don’t realise is that home inspections provide a great chance to meet your prospective property management team and start impressing them. If you go to a home inspection and it is busy, the home is most likely going to be highly sought after so you need to make moves to stand out of the crowd. Take a moment to find the property manager, shake their hand and introduce yourself. Later when the property management team looks through applications, they will hopefully remember you as the professional person with a big smile. 

If you have an appointment with a property manager, treat it like a job interview. Look presentable and be on time. Meeting with a property manager is different from meeting with a real estate agent. No one will want to put you in their rentals if you are rude or unreliable. Remember a big part of a property managers job is to match you with the best possible housemates, so be the person you would want to live with. Remember, if you are running late to a house inspection, call your property manager, even if it is just five minutes late. This will show you are courteous and organised which will make you a better candidate. 

Provide an accurate and detailed application 

Just as you would when you apply for a job or a loan, make sure your application is thorough and accurate. Property managers want to fill their homes with trustworthy tenants. While you may have met at an open house inspection or spoken on the phone, your property manager will need concrete evidence that you are the best choice for their property. 

Reference checks are an imperative part of the tenant choosing process. Ensure your application includes relevant, trustworthy and thorough references. Reference letters are very effective if they are from a reputable person, however, mobile numbers are always required so that your prospective property manager can ask the questions they need.  

Don’t enter the tenant race prematurely

To be the property managers first choice it is important that you are actually financially and mentally prepared to move into a rental home. Make sure that when you start applying for properties you have a steady income or a viable way to afford rent. 

Additionally, it is important that you are adequately independent and mature when moving into a shared home. Often students are left with no choice but to move into student housing even if it is prematurely. In these circumstances, it is best to look at a range of student housing options so that you are comfortable and confident with your new living circumstances. To avoid rental rejection or discomfort once moving out, make sure that the properties you apply for are the right fit for you. 

Our team here at Fresh Property Management are happy to help you get the rental property you are after. If you need any help, have any questions or want to start looking for a rental property contact us here. 


Braeden Tournier

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