Navigating the World of Student Housing in Geelong with your Property Manager as a Landlord and Tenant

The world of student housing and share accommodation is difficult to navigate without the support of a dependable property manager. Successfully balancing properties, rent and the personalities of tenants can often become too difficult. Having a property manager manage share accommodation benefits both landlords and tenants in many ways, creating a harmonious renting experience for all involved.

If you’re a landlord, a property manager can help get to know your tenants for you.

There is nothing more exhausting than having to fill vacant spots in your share accommodation properties in Geelong. Although filling vacancies is an unavoidable part of owning rental properties, thorough and thoughtful tenant matching can create lasting and positive living conditions.

It is important that your property managers develop a relationship with most if not all of your tenants in share accommodation and student housing Geelong. As your property managers, we are able to coordinate and develop these relationships to ensure that when students are placed in accommodation, they are living in the optimal social and work environment.

To ensure that tenants are happy, the house is being treated with respect and all issues are dealt with promptly an open dialogue must be encouraged and kept with those living in your share accommodation or student housing.

The benefits of employing an approachable property manager are tenfold. Often tenants, especially students are quick to hide issues they may encounter in fear of poor reception. By employing a property manager to maintain an open dialogue and develop a relationship with those living in your properties problems that may be encountered are quickly dealt with or avoided. Encouraging transparency between tenants and property managers often means share accommodation and student housing are treated with more respect.   

If you are a student or someone looking to live in share accommodation in Geelong, a property manager will play matchmaker so you find the perfect roommates.

Deciding on student housing in Geelong can be a stressful experience overwhelming when you aren’t supported with the right guidance. Often, students moving into share accommodation in Geelong are moving out of home for the first time.

Sit down and talk to your property manager about what kind of living environment and roommates you actually hope to have in your student housing. It is important to be happy where you live, as this can impact your study habits, your overall happiness and your experience of living in student accommodation. All student accommodation experiences should be fulfilling, exciting and productive, not drama filled or unsatisfactory.

Your property manager will match you with residents who will have the same values and interests as you which will ensure a smooth transition to shared student accommodation in Geelong.

A property manager will also be your first point of contact.  

As you are paying rent, your living conditions should meet your expectations. Any concerns you may have should be directed towards your property manager. Internalising issues with roommates or with the home you are living in will only make these issues grow.

To lease a Geelong rental property within two weeks or see what else a property manager can do for your student accommodation needs, contact us today.

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