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5 Ways to Attract Top-Quality Tenants for Your Student Accommodation in Geelong

5 Ways to Attract Top-Quality Tenants for Your Student Accommodation in Geelong

It’s simple— the winning combination when it comes to getting top-notch tenants in your student housing is to have a well-maintained property in an ideal area at a great price point. Sounds easy, right?

You might not have total control over price or location as a landlord, but by highlighting the best features in your share accommodation you can present yourself as the first choice in share accommodation. There are quite a few things you can do to make your property seem more appealing.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you have quality tenants in your student accommodation in Geelong.

1. Have a criteria

This may seem simple but having a strict standard of who you want in your share accommodation will help to make sure you are only getting the best.  Having criteria will help to narrow your focus and gives you a target market to focus on when it comes to writing the listing. For example, when looking to attract tenants for student housing in Geelong, you need to ensure you are appealing to a younger audience.  Also, having ground rules when it comes to things like pets and smoking makes it easier to narrow down tenants.

2. Write a compelling listing

How are you going to make your student accommodation listing stand out from the rest?

Writing an eye-catching listing is going to set you apart from the rest and ensure that the pick of the bunch are clicking on or reading your listing.  When writing the listing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it easy for tenants to get in contact with me?
  • Is the listing informative and descriptive?
  • Have I grabbed the reader’s interest straight away?

3. Don’t pass on professional photos

Another way to make sure that your listing is compelling and catchy is the use of professional photos. No listing is complete without great photos! This is especially important for share accommodation, where the tenant will want to see the particular room, as well as shared areas looking the best they can be. If you have a great area that sounds great on paper, don’t leave it to the imagination— show it off!

4. Use word of mouth to your advantage

If you have a great tenant in another property, don’t be afraid to use word of mouth to attract like-minded people! When it comes to student housing in Geelong, not only do you have to find one quality tenant, you may have to find 3, 4 or even more— so speak to your top-notch tenants!

5. Be flexible

People are busy, just like you. If you aren’t prepared to be flexible about when you can meet tenants, they may just fall off the radar! Particularly if you are looking to fill student housing, these tenants might have part-time or shift work all over Geelong to fit in between study.

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Braeden Tournier

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