5 Simple Ways To Make Your Property Appear Larger & More Spacious

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More now than ever, there is an increasing number of apartments and smaller units available for rent in the Geelong area. This means property managers and owners alike are being presented with the challenge of finding new and creative ways to make areas feel as spacious as possible and maximise what you have.  Trying to make smaller rentals in Geelong look large, inviting and appealing can be a challenge— here are 5 styling options to make a room look more spacious.

1. Function and flow

When working with small spaces, one of the biggest issues that property managers face is making the space look stylish, while also being practical. In a small space, there may be little room for endless couches or chairs, so consider alternatives that will provide seating, and not make the space look claustrophobic. When people are seeking a new house for rent in Geelong, they want to know that they will be comfortable in the space— so decorating it accordingly is crucial.

2. Mirrors and transparent items

Mirrors are a great and simple way to make a room look bigger. Not only do they create the illusion of space, but they also lift the overall brightness of the property. Mirrors are great because they are an easy way for an investor to put some extra touches on a property without making major changes. Other transparent items like glass doors and glass partitions are ways for rentals in Geelong to maximize their space.

3. Hang art on a distant wall

This one is another easy way for investors to implement small changes in order to help the home seem larger and be more appealing to potential renters. Hanging art on a distant wall— preferably a wall in the next room draws the eye to a distant spot with a striking visual element. Simply put, it expands the perceived depth of field. For people who are looking at houses for rent, it creates a ‘way over there’ feeling.

4. Play with linear patterns

Different lines have the ability to make a space look smaller or larger, believe it or not! Although the direction of things like floorboards and benchtops are out of the control of an investor. It’s important to remember that if you are building a small space, lines matter!  Horizontal lines have the ability to make the space look wider, while vertical lines have the ability to give the space more lines. Lines are great at making the walls appear longer or the ceilings higher.

5. Flooring

While multiple flooring styles serve to give each room its own personality and vibe, it can also make a small room seem even smaller. Floor changing from room to room gets rid of the flow throughout the house that you are trying to achieve. Having consistent flooring makes the space look like one big area, rather than separate small spaces, which you are trying to avoid.

With some small changes and simple fixes, it’s easy to make a smaller space look more appealing to people looking for a rental property in Geelong.

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